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Edcamp Orange County, CA

Just sharing the Saturday session board which was not actually "unconference" edCamp format.  Sunday was more open sessions without prepared presentations. I think the Friday AM conversation on 9/18 about open Zoom rooms covered a lot of ground and m

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Pandemic Pods


from facebook: Traci Bean of Pandemic Pods
I will be appearing on Good Morning America's third hour GMA3 on Thursday 8/13 to talk about the unique challenges facing students with special needs and parents as we gear up for school this year. If you ha

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Agenda for 8/7/2020 Meeting

Things you're seeing this week

  • Pandemic Pod show
  • Traci Bean of Pandemic Pods (Rebecca?)
  • Online conferences
  • School plans
  • Angela: Colorado. Mara: Georgia reopened, already have cases, didn't require masks. Kenya completely shutting

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Things to note/questions:

  • Links are case sensitive
  • You can create event page which will help people link your show to their calendars
  • Best ways to set up discussion for more interaction?
    • An introduction page for people who are in the group?

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