Agenda for 7/31/2020 Meeting

What Are You Seeing?

Who's Ready for the Change? Who's at the tipping point?

  • What solutions do they need?
  • Parents of older high school students --> Learning Revolution | New Student Success/Learning Model
  • Parents of students in general
  • Teachers who don't want to go back
  • Teachers who are uncertain about their careers --> Indispensable Teacher
  • Teachers getting laid off
  • Parents who want different circumstances --> Microschool Builders
    • Pandemic Pods. 25,000 Facebook Group
    • Purpose-driven Schooling (community / pod)
    • Safety, child-care, happiness, then they care about education.
    • Parent needs are urgent.
    • Michael Staton | ? co-learning? Why has not invested in schools.
    • Learning Cooperative Summit / Learning Pod Summit / Micro-School Summit
      • Middle ground, not challenging schools, but gets to the next step.
  • Disruptive innovation - wait and see what works.

What Are the Solutions Being Provided?

Show Structure Rebuilding?

  • Steve meet with Rachelle and Rebecca on this
  • Process for submitting your weekly show descriptions 
    • Put into forum within your group
  • YouTube thumbnail guidelines 1280 x 720
  • Podcast Hub?
  • Mobile friendly - front page links box for shows?

Big Event

  • Teaching by Heart
  • The Indispensable Teacher
  • Education for Hope and Healing
    • Teaching by Heart
    • Mindful Classroom
    • Our show folks as hosts
  • Truth About School
  • The Self Directed Learner
  • Town Hall for Teachers / Parents / Students - to talk about the changes going on?


  • Waiting room? Rebecca encountered but didn't enable...

From Rebecca about groups:

  • Groups
    • Links are case sensitive
    • You can create event page which will help people link your show to their calendars - this will allow people to add the event to their google calendar and get reminders of the event! You can also invite all your members and others directly from the Learning Revolution site.) Need to make sure Zoom room link is in the event.
    • Best ways to set up discussion for more interaction?
      • An introduction page for people who are in the group?
  • Is there a way to include all show links, discussions, resources, etc. in one place? Keeping the show discussion separate from other discussion? For example, should the events page include the link to the show or should all recording show up on a separate page? 


  • Facebook / LinkedIn / other social media


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