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  • Hi all
    I posted a working paper on learning strategies and proof of concept for use of movement in mathematics for kinesthetic learners. The paper is available here:
    Revisiting the Plausibility of Learning Style Theories with Evidence of Kinesthetic Perception - A…
    It is certain that believing an individual learns in only a specific style is not reasonable. However, the use of a suitable style that relates well…
  • In stark contrast Kenya is closing down it's school system for a year ...
    Kenya’s Unusual Solution to the School Problem: Cancel the Year and Start Over
    Some students were taking classes online, while others couldn’t. So the government scrapped the school year for all. But the move may just make educa…
  • An astonishing article about how India is transforming its education system. By my reckoning, this will allow India to become the dominant power in Asia by 2040, leaving China far behind. By that time, India will also be the most populous nation in the world. - - REVISED LINK
    • Link didn't work--seems to have gotten cut off...
  • The link goes to the general website. How to reach the event? Or did I miss something?
    • Which link are you talking about, Howard?
  • Howdy all. I'm running a marketing event tomorrow on how to build a microschool. Thought I'd share so you all can see it:
    Microschool Builders Gathering - Microschool Builders
    Connect, clarify, and map out the what it takes to open Microschool! Connect, cLARIFY, and Map Out what it takes to open microschool! Join Us For our…
    • Mara--can't wait to introduce you to the group.
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