7/24/2020 Meeting Agenda

Introductions (if needed)

Marketing / Promotion

Larger Trends

  • Homeschooling
  • Dr. Ryan's son - mad about not being able to go back to school
  • Is there going to be a focus on procedures, need the ability to talk about core issues
  • Opportunities
    • Learning Solutions - commercial companies will provide
    • Schools and companies providing training on distance learning / etc.
    • Teacher emotional support
  • Fatigue
  • Increased cases
  • Mission Hospital Experience: financial distress, twice the patient load, nurses quitting, general unhappiness...
  • The huge amount of noise from organizations hosting events. Free offers with back-end offers for $. 
  • Everyone offering free events

Conference brainstorming

  • Other events reporting
  • Steve Projects
    • The Indispensable Teacher idea / teaching by heart / Education for hope and healing
    • The Self Directed Learner
    • Education for Hope and Healing
      • Teaching by Heart
      • Mindful Classroom
      • Our show folks as hosts
    • Truth About School

Technical Help / Group Questions

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  • Also, LOVE THE LOGO! 

  • Can we come up with some sort of email/letter that explains what Learning Revolution does so that I can share it with NJ Council for Exceptional Children and possibly other organizations?


    Other notes I took down... 

    -"Be a part of the solution"

    -Economic crisis, layoffs?

    -People are in "survival" mode

    -There is a lot of chaos and noise

    -What is mail chimp?

    -Sponsors.... universities? professional organizations? Who actually has money these days?

    -Let's try not to be a part of "FREE!!! But wait let me sell you something!"

    -What are the benefits of being a non-profit and why?

    -Having a Learning Revolution Heading and some way to connect us all. Same email signatures?

    -THEME IDEAS: Mathematics Learning, Racial Inequities, Special Education, Homeschool, TechEd, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), ReInventing School/Reform, Language Arts, Global Education, Pandemic Response, Administrator Support, Parents, Gifted and Talented, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Music/Visual Arts/Performing Arts Teachers

    • I need to re-write the description for the website itself, and I think that could be the same. I'd like a few days to let this incredibly productive conversation settle a little for me and to think about how the re-imagined site will look. :) Thanks for such INCREDIBLE energy.

      • I meant it when I signed "Enthusiastically" !!!


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