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Here are some examples after I was a guest: Just click through and you will see the different ways to make the conversation go farther and make a deeper impact. 
Think about which formats, techniques, features that stand out that we could create a repeatable structure from.
This is where you get traction and build community--it is not the listeners on the live show--it is what they say and share after.   
My favorites:

 Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt (He is a marketing genius!!)

I put this together this list of past podcasts I have been on with strategy ideas for my social media intern to pull content from. 
It is the way to go to get followers, but you need someone to do the before and after work.
After Checking out the Current and Top Podcasts --
Let's consider what matters most? what would get you to listen?  What would make you share?  What stands out?  What keeps you coming back? What makes you explore the host and the guest's additional work?
Embed of  the Show on Site
Powerful and Shareable Visuals
Tweetable Quotes
Transcript Posted (i Love this part!! It is often what makes the decision for me to listen)
Background on the Guest
Different Images of Guests
Call to Action
Lots of exciting stuff to ponder!!!
Angela Maiers
Founder, Choose2Matter

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