Agenda for 8/7/2020 Meeting

Things you're seeing this week

  • Pandemic Pod show
  • Traci Bean of Pandemic Pods (Rebecca?)
  • Online conferences
  • School plans
  • Angela: Colorado. Mara: Georgia reopened, already have cases, didn't require masks. Kenya completely shutting down for a whole year. Howard: India article. Gregory: SJ everyone going distance learning. Looking at what librarians, counselors, and advisors are doing; could they be managing small groups of kids (special ed); Howard: India, universal access, everything holistic, core essentials and critical thinking, experiential learning (lead), transforming assessment completely, revising all textbook, shifting to multi-lingual system, completely changing teacher training. Mara: sister school in Ladak, schools who failed the entrance exam, Malawi meeting with president. Angela: Nepris (?) using LinkedIn to do something where kids can have video conference calls with experts, all archived, all through Zoom, organized like Quorum, Angela change-making curriculum, real-time innovation projects with kids. Angela: people seeing what money is being spent on. Rebecca: Nice White Parents.
  • Rebecca: attendance was lower. Communication and people needing to talk. 


  • Posted the links in the email and on the front page--make a difference?
  • Rebecca - event function?
  • Podcasting thoughts?
  • Facebook / LinkedIn / other social media
  • Other feedback?
  • Still need to meet (Steve, Rachelle, Rebecca, Rusty)

Other / Ideas

  • Big event?
    • Teaching by Heart
      The Indispensable Teacher
      Education for Hope and Healing
  • Mini-Summit
    • Microschools
    • Self-directed learners
    • Homeschool conference / starting to homeschool
  • Libraries as learning pods / librarian connection (Andrew)
  • Learning Coaches? Self-directed learning coaches.
  • People to add to Learning Revolutionaries
    • What's our goal?
  • Robert Kiyosaki / Buckminster Fuller
    • Nyhl Henson, maybe connected to Robert Kiyosaki
    • Medard Gabel (Rebecca)
    • Walter Russell (Mara)

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