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  • Happy New Year Glitter
  • I am a beginner at all of this. I am hoping to learn more about blogging and add to the discussion. To be honest, right now I am trying to figure out what and where the discussion occurs.
  • highly nourishing
  • Saw the small photo and thought you were having breakfast (a dish with cereals or something) . Now I see what you're really doing!
    Either my brain or my eyesight is not working properly.
  • Love the new photo! Two kids, at it as usual.
  • Hello friends! Thanks to Darren Draper for the invitation.
  • Hi Steve and people!
    I was invited here by Boris Mir, and it's nice to meet all of of you...
    Im from Argentina, and hope to learn a lot, sharing with you.
  • It's a fun little tool. I can see it being very popular with younger students (although you have to be at least thirteen to register). I did at one point get it to work in the discussion forum, but it seriously messed up the formatting of the page so as you saw, I removed it. I added it to my new blog,
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