Whether you're in a concrete classroom or online this fall connection will be the key. Join me for fun and lively conversations about time sensitive tools you can use right away to create and foster healthy educational relationships with all of your students. More than ever before, we need to focus on connection before content this fall. Many of the students in our care are dealing with issues that will affect their ability to listen and learn. They need to know that we care more about them than their test scores. They need to know that their experience of this pandemic is important to us and that we're there for them. This show focuses on what it takes to connect in difficult times and it's a place to share ideas that will help all of us relax and be ready for whatever comes next.

Rusty May

School counselor, author, teacher trainer

WEDNESDAYS, 10:00 AM US-EASTERN TIME. Show starting date: Already ongoing!
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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Rusty engages the audience in a discussion around each topic related to teaching and learning in the time of pandemic.

BIO: Rusty May is a school counselor, author, teacher trainer and the creator of SchoolToolsTv.com. He helps educators connect more effectively with the kids in their care resulting in more time on task, better outcomes, increased job satisfaction and the students learning the life skills they need to succeed. Currently, his only focus is helping teachers and students cope and thrive during this pandemic.


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