• Nov 14, 2021 from 9:00am to 10:00am
  • Location: Online
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NOTE: Postponed from original October date. 

ZOOM LINK:   https://zoom.us/my/learning13

We look forward to a Sunday Conversation around music. The common reading is “Avenues of Entry into the World of Western Art Music” by Moira Szabo. 

Music Educators Journal 92/1 (September 2005), 38-43, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.2307/3400225 
Guest host Chryssie Scarlatos is a musicologist, music teacher and expert in the history of music.
She will lead us in a conversation built around the following questions: 
A) What is the situation of music education in your country/state/region?
B) How can music be used in inter-disciplinary lessons?
C) Are any pieces of music (songs or instrumental music) relevant to places or historical events of your country? (Such events/places could be indicated by the title of an instrumental composition, or be mentioned in the lyrics of songs).
D) How could you use a particular song/composition in order to teach students history/geography/languages/etc.?
E) What ways do composers/songwriters use in order to depict emotions (happiness, calmness, anxiety, fear, sadness), natural phenomena or wars and battles?
F) How, and in what degree, does the music we hear define our identity (or identities)?
G) How can a government use music to form identities? (mass media, teaching specific kinds of music at school etc.)
Hope you can join us. 
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