The Transatlantic Educator’s Dialogue (TED) Alumni program is a one of a kind opportunity for educators in the United States of America and the European Union to come together virtually around collaborative projects.

One of these projects for 2021 has been a Global Reading Group.  This collaborative project began with the intention of being a book group.  However over time the original members adjusted the format to be conversations around selected articles.  The main goal remains the same: engaging educators in conversations around a series of common readings that will expand our global perspective. 

A specific goal of this Global Reading Group is to increase our Global Competency. Global Competency is generally defined as an interest in the world, a deep understanding of perspectives, an ability to communicate across cultures and a willingness to act locally to address global issues. 

Collaborating with fellow TED alumni around logistics for a reading group was a first step.  We have had a few "Sunday conversations" and are now recruiting an transatlantic reading cohort to join us. 

We look forward to bringing a transatlantic group of educators together in a virtual setting to discuss globally themed readings and then jointly reflect on lessons we can bring back to our classrooms and our communities.  

Link for all Sunday Conversations:

Hope to meet you for a future Sunday Conversation! 

May 2nd : To Travel or Not to Travel? 

June 6th: History, Memory & June 4th

July 11th : A Pandemic Opportunity to Transform School Systems

Aug 1st : NO MEETING - Summer Break

* Moving to 2nd Sunday - Sunday Conversations from September *

September 12th: Olympic Expectations: Sport and Society

October 10th:  NO MEETING - Fall Break* Moved to 2nd Sunday in November

November 14th:Beyond the Sound of Music: Musicology & Identity 

December 13th: Holiday Season: Celebrations Around the World

2022 Schedule Coming Soon !

Our TRANSATLANTIC EDUCATOR DIALOGUE is on hold for the near future.  Thanks to all the educators across the country and across Europe who joined in for the Sunday Conversations. 


12 TED Alumni Global Readers
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Sunday Conversations

This forum thread will have information about our latest Sunday Conversation.   It also will be a place to discuss the article, events or issues leading up to and even after our monthly Sunday conversation.  Once a month on a Sunday we will be bringing a transatlantic group of educators together for conversations around a common reading.  A specific goal of this Global Reading Group is to increase our Global Competency.   We look forward to reflecting on issues and events around the globe that…

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Recruiting Global Readers

Do you know an educator who likes to read? Someone who would enjoy meeting some colleagues from both sides of the Atlantic? Maybe just someone who is curious about the world beyond their community? We're recruiting more global readers who might like to participate in our Sunday Conversations. The plan is to gather educators for conversations around a series of common readings that will expose us to a variety of global perspectives. We hope one outcome will be to increase everyone's Global…

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Reading Recommendations

A forum thread for Reading Recommendations might be a page to keep adding to ideas for content behind the future group readings or resources that could be shared. Also we might be able to continue the conversation asynchronously about particular reading options.   

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