The Transatlantic Educator’s Dialogue (TED) Alumni program is a one of a kind opportunity for educators  in the United States of America and the European Union to come together online for shared exploration  and examination of collaborative topics in which educators develop their own projects in self-selected  groups, work on those projects throughout the program, and periodically update the full alumni cohort on  their group project.

A collaborative project in development is a global reading group.   The idea involves engaging teachers in conversations that will expand their global perspective built around a series of common readings. 

A direct goal of this project is to increase Global Competency. Global Competency is generally defined as an interest in the world, a deep understanding of perspectives, an ability to communicate across cultures and a willingness to act locally to address global issues. 

Collaborating with fellow TED alumni is a first step towards eventually recruiting an international reading cohort.  We would like to bring teachers together in a virtual setting to discuss global themed readings and then jointly reflect on lessons we can bring back to their classrooms and community.  

Check back for updates soon.  

6 TED Alumni Global Readers
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