Overcoming SS Discouragement

Part of the LearningRevolution.com 'Survive and Thrive!' Series
With Steve Hargadon


Do you feel like you’re in negative mental and emotional ruts that you can’t get out of? Do you wake up tired every day, not sure how to change your life to make things better? Have you lost your optimism and enthusiasm? Is self-sabotaging behavior holding you back from personal freedom and the life you want? Are you worried that things aren't going to get any better anytime soon?

Learn why you self-sabotage your own health, success, and happiness–and then learn the easy steps to start moving ahead, especially when the world seems overwhelming, discouraging, or just downright crazy. There are huge but hidden reasons why we are extremely prone to self-sabotage and why we find it frustratingly difficult to be our absolute best. Actually, you not feeling confident is, as they say, a “feature and not a bug” of our current institutions and culture. Just recognizing all of the programming that is designed to make you feel discouraged and disempowered can immediately change your mindset and give you hope.

This webinar will give you seven practical and core strategies for overcoming self-sabotage and rescuing your sense of self. I hope you will join me.

DATE: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm US-Eastern Time (click HERE to see in your own time zone)

LENGTH: 30 minutes & QA

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STEVE HARGADON (@stevehargadon)
Founder, The Learning Revolution

Steve Hargadon created one of the first modern social networks for teachers, Classroom 2.0, and runs large online conferences for teachers and librarians. His father was Dean of Admissions at Princeton and Stanford, and Chairman of The College Board. Steve has done contract work, consulted with, or served on advisory boards for Acer, Adobe, Blackboard, CoSN, Horizon Project / New Media Consortium (NMC), Instructure, Intel, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, MERLOT, Microsoft, Mightybell, NAMLE, Ning, PBS, Promethean, Speak Up / Project Tomorrow, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. State Department, and others, typically focusing on educational technology and social networking.

“It’s true - @stevehargadon is a national treasure.” @markjotter

“Steve is an amazing facilitator. He brings this wonderful combination of humility, hospitality and insight to conversations that matter in education.” -Bernard Bull

“Steve is one of the most influential yet understated individuals in the world of Education. He gives thought leaders a widely attended global platform to voice their ideas to transform Education, and he does so with tremendous respect and intelligence.” -Charles Fadel

“Steve is the Oprah of education.” -Monika Hardy's Students

“Steve is the 'white knight' of education reform.” -Michelle Cordy

“Steve Hargadon is one of the most important change-makers of our time!” -Connie Weber