Sue Waters left a comment for Gabriela Grosseck
"Hi Gabriela

Always happy to help you out - you are always giving me so much help. That list of podsafe music was really good. I am glad they find my information useful.

Just let me know what you want me to do.

Aug 4, 2007
Sue Waters left a comment for Brian C. Smith
"Hi Brian

I have added you to my twitter ( add me there and then I will direct message you my Skype name.

Sue Waters"
Jul 14, 2007
Sue Waters left a comment for alex miller
"Hi Alex

I normally will not use their player on a site as I prefer people to visit my podcast site but was frustrated by the fact that I could only add two website addresses to my profile which is why I used it.

Maybe the issue is they are…"
Jul 12, 2007