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  • Hi, Joao: First of all , open your own blog in

    2- In the first post, I suggest to put a photo of yours and a short introduction.
    These are the results ( browse down the blogs because we started in May)
    (María Lujan's blog)

    3-Start thinking about the topic you are going to write: music, your favourite sport team, literature, movies, etc.

    Then send me a mail to , so I can include you in my weekly mails with more instructions.Let me know the URL of your blog once you have opened it.

    Welcome to Writing matrix! Nelba
  • Forgot to tell you, I am ready to join WritingMatrix. Tell me what I need to do. Thank you.
    Kind regards
  • Yes, Nelba, I have visited your blog more than once. I have watched your video about WritingMatrix twice. And I found there many interesting things and links. Congratulations for your amazing blog.
  • No, I have not heard of Wikipasifica. I will check it. Let me know when you decide to join WritingMatrix. Have you visited my blog? htpp://
    English Virtual Community
    English, ICT, IT, ESL, webtools, Webtools, digital, TIC, educación, tecnología, herramientasweb
  • Thanks for your reply, Nelba. I am keen of the web 2.0 tools and I'll see if I join writingmatrix, too if it's possible. Have you heard about the wiki course on Wikipasifika. Google it and you'll find it.
    Kind regards from Portugal.
  • Hello Nelba

    Greetings from Portugal. I am happy to be a member of Edublogger World where I can meet lots of interesting people like you and share knowledge with the members of this community.
    I wish you all the best for your writingmatrix project.
  • Holas! Gusto en verte por aquí!
  • Nelba,
    Te agradezco la invitación pero mi interés principal es el uso del Internet en la enseñaza y creo que ahora tengo muchas blogs y feeds que seguir. De todos modos nos veremos en Bloggerworld, verdad?
  • Hola Nelba:
    Te agradezco la invitación al grupo Yahoo pero me gustaría saber cual es el propósito del grupo antes des ser miembro. Como todos tengo ya muchos grupos y blogs que seguir. Así es que si me pudieras aclarar un poco más acerca del grupo, te lo agradecería.
  • Hi Nelba,
    Good to see you here too.
    The project Vance started is very interesting, Nelba. Some of my students have tried to comment on the writingmatrix blogs they found on Technorati, but unfortunately many are restricted to Blogger users only so they could not post.
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