This is the discussion and email group for conference volunteers. We use this group to send important announcements out to all volunteers.

To volunteer to help at the conference:

  1. Join this group
  2. Go to to sign up for times that you are available to help

Please be sure you have attended a live training session or watched a recorded one:

The volunteer and presenter lounge, where you will come before you session time slots, is at

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Volunteer Information

A huge and special thanks to you conference volunteers! Here are some final notes that you will want to keep handy during the event:

  • Please come into the volunteer and presenter lounge room 30 minutes before your volunteer sessions begin. The link to the lounge is
  • From the lounge a volunteer coordinator will assign you to moderate a specific upcoming session. You will use the hidden page listed below to get the moderator link to enter your assigned room. If you find you are having any difficulties, you can keep your assigned room open and also open the lounge room to ask for help.
  • The times you signed up to volunteer can be seen on the schedule page for your time zone, at the bottom of the page below the presenter listings.
  • IMPORTANT: The private page that lists the moderator/presenter links for each session is here. This page is just for moderators and presenters, so please do not share it as we do not want any participants entering session rooms as moderators.
  • You can still sign up for volunteer times slots during the conference here. We've had a great response to the conference, so we can really use as much help as you can give--please consider signing up for multiple sessions! Or just come into the lounge if you find you have open time and let us know you are available.
  • The information and recordings for the training for presenters and volunteer moderators are at

Please continue to let people know about this free conference!

Thanks for being such an important part of this event. You are appreciated!

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