Chat Stream July 8 SHow

15:02:21 From Rusty May - :
15:05:29 From Rebecca Lee : I work with special education as an Instructional Support Specialist for K-12 in over half the schools in my district.
15:05:35 From Eleanor Ennis : middle school
15:05:37 From Amy Lindgren, The Williams School : I teach middle school (6th and 7th).
15:06:02 From Alan Guttman : Alan Guttman - primarily working with, supporting early care and education programs - primarily in Maryland
15:09:04 From cyndi engles : I work with Pre K programs as a Program Specialist with the Arkansas Dept. of Education
15:14:09 From Eleanor Ennis : it’s not all about academics, my grandson went to school for baseball.
15:19:46 From Sue : Is there an expectation that hybrid format will be more teacher effort than remote learning was?
15:21:55 From Alan Guttman : While the pandemic has certainly created most of the challenges and need for thinking outside the box - issues around equity, in general, and specifically around equity in education (and access to high quality education) has been merged with the general "physical access to schools" discussion - and need for strategies
15:24:45 From Sue : You are responding by showing different formats possible. Supporting that needs to be embraced by districts in terms of training teachers and much stronger family supports.
15:26:25 From Eleanor Ennis : is anyone talking to the students ? or parents?
15:29:01 From cyndi engles : wondering, in reference to the k-1 teacher and distance learning- what is the biggest challenge(s) of distance learning vs. traditional?
15:34:40 From Teddy Gyamfi : Im here
15:36:30 From Sue : Can we touch on the difference in training an educational administrator graduate course curriculum versus other disciplines such as business. The latter develops problem-solving techniques with a range of strategies viewed as business strategies but much of this thinking is organizational and would help educational administrators with strategies to face current challenges.
15:39:28 From Rebecca Lee : I would love a copy of the PPT please. Thanks!
15:39:52 From Alan Guttman : Yes, please send me ppt. thanks
15:40:19 From Richard Wilson : I would love a copy of the power point.
15:40:25 From Alan Guttman : Interested in hearing from Sue and Cyndi
15:40:41 From Amy Lindgren, The Williams School : I would like a copy too, please.
15:41:12 From Sue : I think we need experts to chime in. Experts in HVAC to discuss adequate air turnover and ventilation in schools, for example. Topics that have not been focused on before.
15:41:32 From cyndi engles : would love copy of PP,
15:42:47 From Alan Guttman : Could you go to ppt full screen
15:43:27 From Alan Guttman : never mind - I've gone to ppt full screen
15:44:13 From Sue : I would like PP, too. Thank you.
15:47:38 From Alan Guttman : THANK YOU!!!
15:47:42 From Amy Lindgren, The Williams School : Thank you!

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