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  • Hi, friends  I developed some of the video demonstrations for training our staff who need to work with Power School System. . It is quite interesting to train our staff from any where and teachers can me trained through this system for Professional Development.

  • Alejandra, welcome. You are right, we need to team up to grow. I'd love to share ideas and experience with you. Also, I would love to collaborate with you and your students. I teach Spanish high school. What about you?

  • My name is Alejandra Cabrera.  I live in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  I have been an English teacher for 35 years.  I love  my job.  In Mexico, a person could be a teacher as long as they could speak English.  Nowadays, authorities are demanding certificates and degrees to teach English which I consider extremely accurate.

    I have the Proficiency in English Certificate of the University of Cambridge and I am getting my degree on line.  Besides the latter, I have always studied independently.  Lately, I have realized that in spite all the goals I can achieve by myself, I need a team to be able to learn more.  This is what I am looking for a group where members help each other to learn about teaching.

  • Hi, I'm looking for districts or jurisdictions that have implemented PD for educators that have been able to embed time into the instructional day to allow educators to carry out activities. This model would be different than those that carry out PD activities outside of class time or school days. An example might be where students are not at school in order to allow a 1/2 day for PD of teachers. I would be further interested in any models which then built onto this using web 2.0 tools including Professional Learning Communities online. Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Hi Lisa, I agree with you. Multi layering is essential - and teachers need to be immersed in a self-directed PD experience that will encourage them to grow outside of those one off PD events. I love the whole concept of Massive Open Online Courses as the answer to professional development of the 'third kind'.


  • Hi

    Jackie, I have accomplished most of my elearning facilitation experiences online. Recently upgraded my TAE award with an online certification through an RPL process. Happy to talk to you about it!


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  • Hello Alice,

     Hope you had a great Summer.... and got a chance to talk to people about my project.

    Any chance that you got in touch with anyone getting their teaching certification online?

    Please, please... say yes!

  • I should know some, I will do that when I see them. Summer is tough.
  • Thanks Alice:)

    If you know of anyone getting their certification online, please, please, send them to me



  • Fresno Pacific University is doing online certificates. I got my masters in Tech online from FullSail University, so not a certificate program but was immensely helpful to me.
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Promoting Professionalism

Hello. I'm Jeannine and I'm new to this group. I thought this would be the best group to join within this site because you all deal with professional development, and that is exactly what my question is about: I have a dilemna that I hope you can help with. Fortunately, I do not have the problem (It's always the friend with the problem, right?) Well, it's true. I work in a supportive district in a technology-rich classroom. I work to bring more technology to my colleauges, as do you all, but…

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