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Hello. I'm Jeannine and I'm new to this group. I thought this would be the best group to join within this site because you all deal with professional development, and that is exactly what my question is about: I have a dilemna that I hope you can help with. Fortunately, I do not have the problem (It's always the friend with the problem, right?) Well, it's true. I work in a supportive district in a technology-rich classroom. I work to bring more technology to my colleauges, as do you all, but many of the districts here on Long Island do not have the same support. I am on a quest to find out how to help administrators and those in charge of decision making to see teachers as competent professionals who can use the internet and other technologies responsibly. It is sad that we are often not seen as learners, scholars, or leaders. In the words of Will Richardson, "They’re not supported in their own learning, and they’re not trusted to make good decisions about social Web media in the classroom... I’m wondering what we can do about it."Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do to change this? How can we influence those in higher positions to trust, and to move with us into the next phase of teaching and learning, and just plain old socializing? How do we allay the fears? Comments, experiences, advice, etc. . . would be greatly appreciated.

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