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Authoring Tool For Educators

How helpful will an Authoring Tool be that would have the technology to- help educators create custom lessons, quizzes, assessments, instructions and much more- would also support both print and online deployment- provide a database of CCSS aligned reference questions- also lets them review the online performance of their studentsLisaLumosLearning.com

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School Planners/Agendas

Do any of you use one of these? Wondering if you are happy or unhappy with what you use and what company the school gets them from. Thinking of using one but not sure which brand and if I should try and get the school to pay or raise money for it.

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First days of school

The new school year is soon approaching, and every year I struggle with what to do on the first day. I don't want it filled with rules, regulations, etc. Most of the 8th graders know each other and have been together since kindergarten, so they know each other. Just like you, I'm sure, I want the first day to go well. Any suggestions???

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