Reflections on Our Workshop!

I'd love to get your reflections on the day.  What went well?  What didn't?  Where did you feel you really learned something?  What didn't we include that we might have?  What was your best take-away?

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    • Thanks Carole, i'll check those sites out.
  • Great day Steve,

    You have really inspired me to extend my PLN'

    The small discussion sessions were really worthwhile, I also love to here what other members of out professional community are doing.

    Also a big plus for me was meeting some great new contacts, and meeting members of my PLN in the flesh !!



    • Yes, while breaking up into groups means people have different experiences, it's much better than lecture to me.  Glad you got inspired!
  • I am a beginner blogger and Elluminate user and am looking forward to consolidating and expanding my web presence. I need to use igoogle to its full potential and now understand about rss feeds, so thankyou!!

    My best takeaways- being INSPIRED by the passionate and knowledgeable educators, signing up for Twitter, Linkin and Tweetdeck! And for the next professional learning team meeting I facilitate, I am going to use Wikispaces as a collaborative tool for the content. I thought this worked really well, and it will be a welcome change from the Death by Powerpoint meetings I usually attend!

    Stay tuned as I build my PWP!

    Thanks for facilitating a great day, Steve!


    • Can't wait to hear how everything goes!  And so glad about the Wikispaces connection--I agree!  You're most welcome!

  • My takeaways were:

    • it's time to revisit my teaching portfolio as a way of consolidating my digital presence
    • librarians have been talking about library 2.0 and 23 things for some time and I was fortunate to be exposed to many of the tools for building my PLN a couple of years ago
    • I will look at how I  can use igoogle more effectively (more tabs etc...)
    • I am looking forward to learning more about the Australia series PLN
    • What are MOOCs? Time to find out...

    It was an excellent networking opportunity and I made some great connections. Thanks everyone.

    • Hi Kim,

      I am pleased that you're taking an eportfolio approach to change for your digital presence - it is most rewarding.

      If you'd like to view today's Blackboard Collaborate session on iGoogle please access from this recording.

    • Thanks Carole

    I found the day really useful and it was spot-on for content. The hands-on nature of activities kept everyone inspired & focused. I liked what you said about having a purpose to your writing; we have tried to encourage other writers on our school blogs to write 'what they know' or to have a 'hook' on which to hang ideas when you are writing creatively. Many adults are quite nervous about writing on the internet as you know. As Stephanie said, I would also have liked to join other discussions in the afternoon, so any other notes from each group would be appreciated. Many thanks for a great PD, Steve. 

    • Thanks, Dee.  Maybe some folks will post what they took away from the other sessions.  If not, and there's something of specific interest, I'd encourage you and Stephanie (and any others) to start a forum post on the topic you're interested in (either in our group or in the network as a whole) asking about it!
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