Reflections on Our Workshop!

I'd love to get your reflections on the day.  What went well?  What didn't?  Where did you feel you really learned something?  What didn't we include that we might have?  What was your best take-away?

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  • Thanks Steve for the great learning. Your wiki space idea can be use well by training like my self. Thanks. The web site design was fabulous for the other participants. I enjoy assisting others with the google web site plus learning other ones like The link to my is it is a great way.

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    • Ian--I'm loving your digital footprint!  It's huge!

  • Hi Steve,

    Great day for me, I enjoyed the networking mostly.
    My take away was my plan and image of my enhanced PLN & PWP and will now be able to shape that up to have an easier access via

    I was inspired once more by your coaching.

    • Mutual admiration, that's for sure!  Can't wait to see what you do. :)
    • From this


      to this




      all captured at

  • Yesterday's session was a great opportunity to explore new 2.0 programs as well as further develop skills relating those already in use. The ability to spend time doing direct, hands-on work was incredbily valuable both personaly and professionlly. It was a wonderful environment to discuss common issues, attitudes and share a range of ideas and networks, of which everyone was so passionate. I've already come back to my office and insisted I now deliver a (slightly lesser quality) training session to engage my own colleagues in this practice. You've given me a great new way to amalgamate my current web practices as well as think about future ways to develop my own portfolio. Many thanks for your expertise and support.
    • I'm so glad--I can't think of a better outcome than you wanting (and feeling confident) to deliver that kind of training.  It's one of the reasons there's value in using a wiki for the outline and notes, since they then become available to everyone.  Good luck!  I'm sure it will be great!
  • I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on our work and engage with colleagues who had similar goals (and challenges).  There was a lot of peer learning happening and great tips triggering inspiration for new ideas.  I thought the break out groups worked well, but because there were many areas I was interested in, it would have been useful to get some written notes/ideas back from each group.  Thanks Steve.
    • Great idea on the notes.  The peer learning was a goal, so I'm glad you felt it happened for you.  Cheers! I love the profile picture, btw.  If you ever get to California to see the gold rush sites there, let me know as it's close to us.  :)
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