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  • I am a mathematics teacher in St. Paul, MN and have been teaching math for 9 years.  I recently rebuilt my entire geometry class to focus on the MN standards and thus have been able to remove my textbook from teh class (I didn't like it much anyway).  I am currently rebuilding the Geometry class to be a flipped classroom and am interested in seeing the results.  

  • Hello everyone...

    I've been a math instructor unofficially for 7 years, and officially about 4-5.  Just finished my MS in Ed. Tech, and now doing work with SOCRATES Online.  Has anyone (MN) happen to look at the NROC Algebra curriculum and aligned it with MN standards?  I don't see any mapping done by them (perhaps use NCTM?)

  • Hello all,

    I am a doctoral student researching collaboration in online teacher certification programs.

    If you got your certification online, please get in touch:)

    I really, really need your help.


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TI Nspire Calculators

I recently attended a workshop to learn how to use the TI Nspire in the algebra 2 classroom. There are so many fantastic exploratory activities that can be done with students using this device. Our school district currently does not feel comfortable requiring students to purchase this or any other graphing calculator. Do your school districts require students to have graphing calculators. If so, which one do you require?

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