If you are using any technology in a new way in your classroom or want to hear about it this is the place for you.Lets share some great ideas.
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  • We are just using the computer to teach. Students have the lessons by connecting with Google meet.
  • I need: ICT in inclusive education ... for students abt 12-13 years in state elementary school ...

  • I use Google Earth in combination with my education blog on geography


  • I teach 4th grade math and science. Currently we are using Student Response Systems, or as we call them Sparkies. They're a great tool and give me immediate feed back as to what my kids are getting and what they're not. Does anyone any any suggestions about how to use them for assessment purposes? We also use Edmodo and a class blog (Learning Is Sweet). I'm looking for ideas to make them all better or more functional. Thanks ya'll!
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Flipped Classroom learning and Social Networking in the classroom

Flipping the classroom is becoming somewhat of a movement in education, although many educators are still not completely sure about how to implement it. Check out a great blog interview with Dr. Torria Bond about her experience with flipping the classroom (as well as her iBook on the topic) and how to best implement this technique in the classroom. Also, if you are an educator who has approximately 53 seconds to fill out a short questionnaireabout the use of social networking in the classroom,…

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Glogster EDU

I was wondering if any of the teachers in this group have tried the online educational tool, Glogster EDU in the classroom? It works both as a creative student Glogging (graphic-blogging) tool and as type of LMS for teachers.I'd like to hear any feedback that anyone has on this product, positive or negative-I do work for this company and we are always looking for direct feedback from teachers on how the product works/if you like it/critiques...etc...Send me a PM or a reply here if you would…

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