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  • hi there! I'm Meg, a product and marketing consultant for Edtech companies. I love the space, and my most impactful project to date was building and launching the NYC Department of Ed's first ever remote learning management system, iLearnNYC, which is still very much in use today. I'm originally from Los Angeles and now live there, after spending almost 15 years on the east coast. I often work with edtech companies that need instructor, technologist, and administrator feedback so please ping me if you'd like to be added to my growing list of feedback supporters! Connect with me here: www.linkedin.com/in/megscheding --- ALSO, right now I do have one survey that would be great to get feedback on. I'm working with a startup that has created a remote health check-in screening app for when schools return in some fashion to onsite learning. If you are preparing for this scenario as a school, camp, childcare center, etc --> we'd appreciate ~3 min of your time to tell us about your needs. Thanks! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9YQ36BW
  • Below is a free online assessment tool we developed that anyone can use. You don't eve have to register. On of the newest assessments I have added is for problem solving skills at ...


    Check it out, use it for your students if you have a need.

  • Donald,

    Thank you for your feedback!  The training sounds interesting and interactive for the student.  I am also sure they appreciate not being shocked and pinched for making an error.

  • Hi Jerry: As we teach industrial skills to adults, and cant always do it in person with hands-on. We use customized computer based training (CBT). We found standards like SCORM and AICC cant handle the high degree of interaction and simulation required to simulate hands-on training remotely. So we use a LMS customized specifically for our training software that doesn't have the limitations the previous two standards mentioned do. This customer LMS also allows us to do more detailed analysis of student activities, times and procedural mistakes to delivery maximum hands-on quality training without risk normally associated with hands-on training like getting shocked, pinched fingers, etc. :>) To experience a sample of this type adult interactive simulation training download the demo http://www.industrial-ebooks.com/CBT_software/Bin95_TMCDemo.zip see one of the other demos at http://www.bin95.com/electrical_software_downloads.htm


    Hope this helps. Don

  • I am new to blogging and currently taking a class called Technology for the Adult Learner.  I would love to hear from individual who are currently using technology for their organization or classroom.   What technologies are currently in use and how does your organization manage those technologies?  Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Glogster EDU

I was wondering if any of the teachers in this group have tried the online educational tool, Glogster EDU in the classroom? It works both as a creative student Glogging (graphic-blogging) tool and as type of LMS for teachers.I'd like to hear any feedback that anyone has on this product, positive or negative-I do work for this company and we are always looking for direct feedback from teachers on how the product works/if you like it/critiques...etc...Send me a PM or a reply here if you would…

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Necessary Tools

Hi,Have you ever used Calameo (http://www.calameo.com/)?I often use it and get my students engaged in reading passages because of the "flipping" book effect.This is one first step in order to encourage learners to use that tool for their school projects.Kind regards!

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