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  • Hello! I am tutor writing on Saturday mornings as well as teach an advanced writing class for middle school children one afternoon a week. I am always keen on finding something new in education field.

  • I am a teacher of ICT and multimedia. I work with young people on the internet for many years. I watch and I examine how they use the Internet. I watch what they doo in NET. The observed results are alarming. They use the Internet for many hoursevery day. All this time, however, only fun and consumption. There is noeducation and self-development!!

    I am also on Facebook many of his students as friends. I see on their plate whatthey write and how much time they are online in NET.

    More in my blog: Free education: phenomenology of social networking eraeduwww.net (in polish but is google translator) 

    My project for young people to make better use of the Internet for selfdevelopment: European Youth Information Agency eyia.eu

    We want to create a youth network of correspondents from different countries.Since September, the Internet radio and TV. I need a PARTNER for cooperation. 



    NEXT88 แทงบอลมือถือ แทงบอลออนไลน์ -
  • Hello,

    I teach technology courses at Peoples Academy in Morrisville, Vermont.


    I am interested in resources and thoughts on being a good "Digital Citizen," "Cyberbullying," and what having a "Digital Footprint" means for our students.



  • The internet has been a source of information for young minds. It offers educational tools and resourses that are useful for development.
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