This group is created to train the teachers to connect their classrooms using technology.

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  • Hello Katy Toma! Hai friends! I am pleased to her from you all that our platform is going to get ready to meet our learners using technology; I am indeed waiting for that day. Hope to meet you all soon.
  • Hello everyone,
    Glad to join you all
  • Please check our plan of action so far...we are planning to connect our classrooms using is our collaborative document....
    Connecting Classrooms-Project
    Mentoring Teachers to Connect Classrooms using Technology Objectives of the Project Technology use to connect the classrooms Mentoring the teache…
  • I would suggest that we meet on Zoom on next Sunday 5th of July. Just like a starting point 7am PST time?
    • Sure mam, it would be great meeting you....
  • Great group and initiative. How can we connect and start exchanging ideas and implement strategies?
    • Sharing, imspiring and connecting play vital role in transition... we have zoom, meet, teams... so let's on..tq
    • Welcome!
      We are looking forward to the actual implementation.
  • Hello everybody!
    • Hai Mam, I look forward to meet you on 5th of July.
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