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  • Hello,

    I see this group has been inactive and thus look on membership page and advise me how can I help out.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mr. Roger M. Christian

    Ithaca, New York

  • I am an MA student of TEFL.nowadays I am working on the challenges that EFL teachers faced with when they use blog in their writing class.I am from Iran and unfortunetly here pedagogical application of blog is not common yet.for doing this research I need teacher who use blog.
    can you please mention some of the challenges that you face with when you use blog in your writing? or mention disadvantages of using blog in EFL writing's class.

    with the best regard

  • I have found that blogging about class activities opens the doors for parents in Iraq, or grandparents across country. I started a class blog last year and parent support went through the roof! I don't know if I could live without one now. I have added our state standards and then games and various other links under the standard that relates to them. LOVE class blogs!!! Learning Is Sweet
  • I believe blogging to be a tool that can open up classrooms in so many ways.  The idea of sharing thoughts with other students and working through various content matter can be a tremedous tool for learners!
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Just Starting Out

I just started learning about blogging in the classroom by searching the web. I am very interested in using this technology in my classroom this upcoming school year. As I looked over the web there are just so many resources that it is really hard to figure out what is the best way to begin. I would like anyone to please provide me with some insight on getting started. Some questions I have inculde - what is the best blogging platform to use, how do I use blogging my classroom - specifically…

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Widgets, Avatars & Codes, OH MY!

I know that widgets, avatars and coded whosits and whatsits aren't (for the most part) highly educational. The students have fun and really enjoy posting codes into their blog sites to make their pages individual and unique. Have you had any success with finding sites that are appropriate resources for elementary blogging newbies?So far, I have one:http://www.adrianbruce.com/blogging/blogging_awards.htmAward Courtesy adrianbruce.com

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Check our blogs!

Hello Group.I thought this might be a good place to list the classroom blogs that we are involved in.I guess I could start by adding a comment stating a bit about ourselves, and a link to our blog. Anyone have a better suggestion?

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