K-8 teachers looking for ways to integrate instructional technology into the curriculum

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  • I realize much of this is software/programs - but I have found the LessonBoard by Chester Creek to be invaluable.  It helps teach the kids to use a keyboard without a great deal of time spent with each student on my part. 

  • Hi Arta! I think you'll love that role, just because it is such an exciting time right now as far as technology goes... there are so many innovative things and it would be very helpful for preservice teachers to come in to the role prepared. I'm sure you are familiar with the SAMR and TPACK models -- those might be really good places to start at. I feel that more than the technology, it is the pedagogy that counts.

  • I do hope that we can get some lively talk going on in this group. 

    I have been tasked with creating a new EdTech Course for preservice teachers, primarily in k-4 grades.    I need some good feedback on what should or should not be included in the college course. 

  • Teaching Grades 3,4,5 as a summer school tech specialist. Envisioning it as Virtual Field trips, introducing lots if digital tools. Any great resources on China, Egypt, or London that you know of? Thanks!
  • Heather,

    I did a similar move this year after 22 years in the classroom and am loving it.  It's a bit more difficult to establish relationships at first, but next year I will know most of my students already!  I teach in an iMac Lab with a Promethean board.  I focus on geography and social studies since our district pays little attention to it with all the emphasis on testing.  I have found some great resources and I love being able to help students create!  I have been a bit lax in my blogging this year, but plan to update often in the near future about what I do in my lab.  My blog, Meg's Methods, is at megkingabraham.blogspot.com

    I am a K-5 Technology Specialist who is on a mission to integrate technology into learning and teaching.
  • Hi Heather! Wow to you - for being such a committed teacher and for being open to new learning at this stage of your career.

    I have about four years experience in the capacity of a technology teacher at my school. I think you will enjoy the job, just make sure that you're not setting extremely high expectations for yourself right in the beginning. As a resource teacher, you would probably have to work with all kinds of mentalities - some who want to grow with you and use your support and others who will want to write your work off as a waste of their time (believe me, it happens). Just don't take it personally and continue your job as you best see fit.

    As opposed to classroom teaching, this will be a very refreshing role for you. No marking, report cards and parent interviews. My suggestion would be to just take it easy the first year, hang in there, learn and enjoy the new role as well as the new place. Hopefully, you can stay connected with this group until (and after) August as well.

  • Hi all,  Glad to find you.  While August is still a bit distant I really want to begin discussions that will help me process all of what I am going to need to know etc.  In August I will move from being a classroom teacher with 37 years experience to being an Integrating Technology Specialist Grades 2-5 with no experience.  I am a bit overwhelmed and my mind is spinning.  Anyone got any suggestions on how to make this jump especially psychologically?

    I realize how different it is going to be to not have my own class anymore and basically not teach but be a consultant.  Where do I start to make the transition.

    Just to add to the overall challenges I am moving from China where I have taught for eight years to Guatemala.

    Would appreciate any ideas or words of wisdom.  :)

  • Andrea, Both 'Little Bird Tales' and 'Lego Designer' were new for me. Thanks for sharing.

    Maria, I like Pixie 2 for Kindergarten. We used to have Kidpix until last year, but we don't any more. Pixie 2 is probably slightly harder for them to grasp in the beginning, but once they get it, they flow really well with it. They can draw and do voice-overs to narrate what they have drawn. They can create more than one picture (for instance, one for every season of the year), record their voices behind each and then either view it as a slideshow or convert it into a movie.

  • Maria,

    The Kindergarten students I teach really love Little Bird Tales.  We did one as a class and then I set them up to make their own.  They need a lot of guidance, so getting a volunteer to come in would be a good idea.  Little Bird Tales is a site that allows students to create artwork and write and/or tell about it as a story. 

    My next project with them is to use Lego Designer, a free download.  They can create Lego structures using a template or starting with a blank page. 


  • I am a kindergarten teacher and I am looking for ways to make technology more interactive in my classroom.  I am working with very little resources (no SMARTboard yet).  I am looking for some things that is beyond just signing them all to do interactive games.  I know resources are out there, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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