WEBINAR: Thinking About Starting Your Own School

Are You Thinking About Starting Your Own School?
Part of the LearningRevolution.com 'Survive and Thrive!' Series


A 60-minute webinar presented by Dr. Mara Linaberger, founder and COO of Microschool Builders.

The pandemic has created so many questions in teachers’ and parents’ minds about the effectiveness of our big system of compulsory education. With children working remotely for nearly 18 months, many parents (and teachers) have have come to the realization that children thrive in smaller, more personalized, and face-to-face learning environments. As a result, creatives all over the globe are considering starting their own microschools, in order to offer a kinder, gentler, and more connected learning option for their communities.

Join us as we explore:

  • a brief history of the alternative education movement
  • the rise of the microschooling movement 
  • how to know if you are ready to build your own small school
  • and the 9 steps to take towards achieving that goal in a streamlined, productive, and efficient manner!

DATE: Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 6:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (click HERE to see in your own time zone)

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DR. MARA LINABERGER (@mlinaberger)
Founder & COO, Microschool Builders, LLC

Dr. Mara Linaberger believes that each of us has chosen to be here at this moment in time for a specific reason—that we are each on a mission that we chose for ourselves. And that figuring out what we love, what we’re good at, and how we can be of service is the engine we need to fuel a lifetime of joyful learning. Mara also believes that school often slows down or stifles that excitement for students. So she is on a mission to create a global network of 100 microschools in the next 20 years—to harness education toward helping amazing children to develop their highest potentials while making learning fun again!

Mara is a life-long educator, author, technologist, artist, ballroom dancer, and musician, having spent 25 years in service as a public school educator, teacher trainer, and administrator. Completing a doctorate in Instructional Technology, she went on to earn a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility in Pennsylvania. Launching Mindful Technology Consultants in 2013, she continues to train teachers at the masters level on the use of digital portfolios as alternative assessments and on bringing mindfulness practices into the classroom.

Mara is the international two-time best selling author of HELP! My Child Hates School and The Micro-School Builder’s Handbook. Mara currently lives in Harmony, PA, with her husband Michael while she travels far and wide, directly supporting clients in her global Microschool Builders programs.