WEBINAR: Seven Strategies for Thriving in Times of Chaos

Seven Strategies for Thriving in Times of Chaos
Part of the LearningRevolution.com 'Survive and Thrive!' Series


Chaos brings a chasm of unexpectedness and shifting conditions! It has the ability to thrust an individual’s world into a feeling of disorder, helplessness or confusion.

The fast-paced nature of changes today forces each of us to dig deep inside, rediscovering inner strengths. Chaos can also activate chemical synapses in the brain, urging us to learn, grow and expand our possibilities - all while meeting new challenges.

Enjoy a practical and uplifting look at simple, yet effective strategies to increase your own “change hardiness” skill set. Re-discover your innate ability to adapt, improvise and grow into any new situation successfully!


  • Re-Storying a BEST Life
  • Rapid Recovery - Letting Go - Moving Forward
  • Words Matter - Using Language Patterns of Resilience
  • Gratitude Changes Brain Chemistry
  • Grounding into Resourcefulness
  • One-Minute Restoration PLUS Other Sage Ideas
  • Chaos Brings a Gift of Opportunity

DATE: Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (click HERE to see in your own time zone)

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BERNAJEAN PORTER (@BernajeanPorter)
Professional speaker; author; digital educator; classroom teacher; onsite and online teacher; futurist leader; strategic conniver; neuro-linquistist coach; dialogue, consensus and debate trainer; and large-group processes facilitator

While working at Colorado’s Department of Education, she held the position of “Change Facilitator” with the challenge to support schools in changing their cultures and practices to make more happen for learners. Her 35+ years of experience working globally has inspired vision into-practice experiences; enticed educators to accelerate new stories of possibility and built communities to do whatever-it-takes in preparing the next generation for their own greatness. Bernajean also founded ISTEs Digital StoryTelling Special Interest Group [SIG] with over 3000 members worldwide to inspire educators to become modern day “StoryKeepers"", engaging learners in the power of storytelling across curriculums and cultures. Her philosophy of work uses cutting edge organizational processes like ""future searches"" and “change readiness” skills in building local capacity for making more possible for ALL students. Bernajean’s enthusiasm and vivacious approach creates energetic, “can-do” attitudes with an invigorating, fun-packed climate for all learners.

Bernajean is author of Nutz and Boltz for Large Group Facilitation; I-imagine: Waking Up a Generation for their OWN Greatness; DigiTales: The Art of Telling Digital Stories; Grappling with Accountability: Organizing Technology for Student Results; Evaluating Digital Products and presently working on her new ebook: Turning Up the H.E.A.T. ~ Learning, Thinking and Communication in a Digital Age.

When it comes to doing the hard or impossible things now necessary in schools to ensure students having out-of-this-world possibilities, Bernajean’s personal motto of “Da Um Jeitinho”- there is ALWAYS a way – let’s make IT happen together - sets the tone for her dedicated long term, joyful work with educators in inspiring them to unleash our youth’s potential in a changing world. email: bernajean@DigiTales.us