Learning Hangouts + Host Your Own Webinar


There are two ways that you can host an open learning event at LearningRevolution that gets posted to our calendar and advertised in our weekly newsletter.

First, if you are using Google Hangouts, create a Google Calendar listing for your event and invite amy.web20labs@gmail.com to the event. Within a day that event will show in our LearningRevolution.com calendar.

Alternatively, the Learning Revolution Project allows you to use a free public Blackboard Collaborate room to hold education-related Webinars.

To qualify either for us to list your Google Hangout, or to allow the use of the Collaborate room, the events must be

  • education-oriented
  • non-commercial
  • free to attend
  • recordable
  • open to anyone

We're really excited to see what you do with this capability, and are hoping that it allows you to regularly gather other educators around interests in "historic" ways.

The following instructions are for events held in the Host Your Own Webinar room in Blackboard Collaborate:

Before Scheduling a Meeting in Blackboard Collaborate

To hold a "Host Your Own Webinar" event in Blackboard Collaborate, you have to have attended our free Blackboard Collaborate training, preferably a live but alternatively a recorded session  HERE). We also suggest strongly that you attend another session as a participant to see how a Blackboard Collaborate session works. Please don't hold an event without any actual experience--it won't be good for you or your attendees!  :) This is an honor system, but we do ask that you are prepared as we don't want these free sessions to reflect poorly on this program!

To Schedule a Blackborad Collaborate Meeting

To schedule a meeting in a Learning Revolution public-use Blackboard Collaborate room, please create the event using the calendar for this group by going to hostyourownwebinar.youcanbook.me.

The default time for a host-your-own Webinar is one hour. For longer events, please contact admin@web20labs.com.

Once you have submitted an event, it will take 24 - 48 hours for a virtual room to be created. You will then receive an email with the moderator link for you (and any co-presenters) to use to enter the virtual room, a link for you to distribute to potential attendees, and a link to the recording (which will work after your session is completed).

Your event will automatically show in the Learning Revolution calendar with the attendee link.

The Actual Meeting

When you enter the room, there will be some standard slides that we ask that you leave in place.  Any slide you want to upload should be placed after our default slides.

Ending a Meeting

When your session is over, please clear the room of all participants, yourself included.  The room must be empty for the recording to process.  If you have participants who have left the session running and don't exit on their own, you can click on them in the participant window, then right-click to manually remove.


We hope you have fun and find lots of good uses for this service!  Please give us your feedback and ideas by posting in the discussions of this group, or by emailing us at admin@web20labs.com.


We reserve the right to not accept a proposed webinar for any reason, but only anticipate doing so because of commercial or content issues.  Please note that class, school, or insitution-specific events that are not for the general public do not qualify.