The Reading Globally, Thinking Reflectively, Acting Locally book group will engage teachers in conversations around a series of books that offer a range of global perspectives.   Building on our strengths as educators, one goal of this reading group is to increase Global Competency and reflect on lessons we can bring back to the classroom, our colleagues and our community. There's a link to JOIN US at the bottom of the page. 

Global Competency is defined as an interest in the world, a deep understanding of perspectives, an ability to communicate across cultures and motivation to act locally to address global issues.  Our global reading group will involve teachers discussing global themed readings both live online via Zoom and also through a moderated forum.   

The original summer reading list looked at education from a range of perspectives around the world.   This second set of readings for Fall 2020 is tackling the subject of race and class from a global perspective.  It is no surprise that the tragic events of the summer and world-wide protests have led to a surge of interest in books dealing with race.  The New York Times best seller list is full of titles from authors like Michelle Alexander, Ebram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Robin DiAngelo.  Our fall global reading group will take that cue and leadoff with Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. This is a book that offers a wide ranging analysis of race beyond the borders of the U.S. and is particularly focused on India and Germany.

Caste is a dense book and something that needs to be digested slowly.  Knowing that it is not a fast read, we’ll divide the book into two sessions. We plan to put Caste down half way into the book and pick up a novel that offers a unique rural perspective on caste and color.  We’ll return to finish Caste before then moving on to two personal narratives that add comedy and complexity to the story of individual racial experiences. The reading list and meeting schedule is posted below. 

Whether you have finished the reading for any particular meeting or not you are welcome to join the discussion.  We anticipate the online Zoom meetings will last about an hour and conversations can continue asynchronously online as well.  We hope participation in this global reading group will offer educators another global lens to bring into their classrooms, school sites and communities.  

Hope to meet you online.

Meeting Schedule & Reading List:  

Introductions September 28 (Zoom 5pm PST)  

Zoom links for each week will be sent out to group members before each meeting. 

- Fall kickoff meeting with new and returning members via Zoom. Introductions & discussion of book list, meeting format, norms & logistics


-  October 5th (Zoom 5pm PST)

Caste (Isabel Wilkerson)   Parts I, II, III ( pgs. 3- 166 )


-  November 2nd (Zoom 5pm PST)

Poonachi : The Story of a Black Goat (Perumal Murugan)


-  December 7th  (Zoom 5pm PST)

Caste  (Isabel Wilkerson) Parts IV- VII( pgs 167-388)


-  January 4th  (Zoom 5pm PST)

Destined to Witness : Growing up Black in Nazi Germany  ( Hans Massaquoi)


-  February 1st  (Zoom 5pm PST)

Born a Crime (Trevor Noah)


-  March 1st  (Zoom 5pm PST)

Inconvenient Indian (Thomas King )


-  April 5th  (Zoom 5pm PST)

Something on Afro-Latin America...

City of God (Paolo Lins)

Black Jacobins (C.L.R. James)

Black in Latin America (Henry Louis-Gates)

Afro-Latin America 1800-2000 ( George Reid Andrews )


-  Summer Break ( No Meetings ) 

Reading Group will pick up again in August for another Fall/Spring Series  


PLEASE NOTE:   We will cap the number of members at 20 in the Fall Reading Group knowing that everyone will have a lot to share.  We plan to run future Reading Globally Groups so please check back if membership closes.  We'd love to have you join the conversation in the future.           

All the best!

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