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Hi Folks,Just to get started, I thought I'd drop the link here to the '31 Days to Better Blogging Challenge'. I dont have the time to work through it every day, but I do intend to keep refferring to this challenge and working through the excercises that seem most relevant and useful. Thanks to Sue Waters for posting the link in this discussion.I also thought any group members might like to put the URL for their blog here so we can start reading each others blogs, cross-linking, and supplying feedback. Here's mine.

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  • Getting ready to check out all your blogs. Mine is

    Thanks in advance for viewing and following it.


  • ok, so the first challenge was to email a new reader of your blog. hen I first read that, I thought What reader? LOL. That is something I could now try, although not every day as suggested, but there are some people I can follow up.

    How do the rest of you stand with this one?
    • As a new blooger using, how can we find out who has read our blogs if thtey haven't commented?
    • You could use google analytics to find out if you are being read, but that wouldnt help with this challenge. You can only do this if you have comments.
    • I have some time this coming week. I'm going to check out the 31 days.... and see what I can manage.
  • That sounds fabulous. Thank you. I will definitely look at the challenge. I will also look at your blog.
    My Blog
    Random Thoughts of a Teacher
    A blog designed to discuss things relevant to teaching. Subjects include but are not limited to classroom management, substitute teaching, reading…
    • Well, I see I am a little late for the 31 day challenge. But I am none-the-less going to work on my blog.
    • Hi Justine - welcome!!

      I havent checked this group for awhile - as there was only 2 members , it didnt seem enough to really do what I had in mind. But now we have 4 - maybe we could think of starting the challenges at the beginning and working through them. Again, not in a strict 'one a day way', but just in a general 'all heading in the same direction' kind of way. I am on christmas break for 5 weeks in just a few weeks, so its a good time for me to focus on the challenges a bit more....
    • Thank you that sounds great!
    • I'm a newbie also to this blogging arena. If you try anything please let me know and I'll attempt it within my time constrains. I posted my websites as a new discussion without realizing I should have replied here.
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