How to navigate, accommodate, and advocate for special needs during COVID19

Wednesdays with Rebecca Muller, Special Educator and Advocate, Exceptional Children Exceptional Learning

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Purpose of group: COVID19 has impacted everyone. As school districts transitioned to remote learning, students who received services throughout the day now had their routine eliminated. Families who relied on nurses or other service providers had to make tough decisions whether or not to allow these professionals into their homes. Self-reliance became essential within a community that relies on each other for support. It has had a huge impact on learning for those with special needs and, at the current time, resources are scattered. Together, through conversation and community, let's help create a bridge to children and resources. As budgets get cut, special education advocacy must be paramount. 

Target Audience(s): Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Paraprofessionals


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United We Om- Free Offerings for Teachers

United We Om is a non-profit, donation based organization that focuses on getting the mission to vulnerable and under-resourced communities. Their missions is to share the transformative practices of Yoga and Meditation with under-resourced, vulnerable and trauma-impacted communities.  The teachers specifically give back to the communities that they have a shared history or voice with. Each program is carefully crafted to allow every person to learn tools they can integrate into their daily…

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Special Education Resources for Distance Learning

Special education teachers know what flexibility looks like. Each day we are adapting and creating to help meet the needs of our students. Remote learning may look different but flexibility is an area of expertise. Although remote learning may feel isolating at times, we have a vibrant community willing to share and enhance instruction for our students. Join this ongoing list of shared documents to help ease the transition back to school. There are many Facebook groups that have questions such…

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Special Education Legislative Summit 2020- ADVOCACY OPPORTUNITY

https://specialeducationlegislativesummit.org/ As a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, I will be attending as many of these events as possible next week. Feel free to register and join these very important discussions. We can circle back and talk about the outcomes on this thread. If you are NOT a member, please contact me so we can connect (educatormuller@gmail.com). Week One ScheduleMonday, July 13, 3 – 4 pm (EST)Washington Update – A Live Townhall EventThis exciting event kicks…

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Register for Free edWebinars

In these trying times, there is almost TOO much information. It is impossible to listen, participate, and absorb it all. If you attend one of these events, please start a discussion to share what you learned. It would be great to have a hub of the most pertinent information. As we start to find what is important to our group, we can organized this space a go-to resource.Join live or receive a link to the recording and earn a CE certificatehttps://home.edweb.net/webinars/

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Episode 14: The Power of Paraprofessionals

  • Description:

    There has been a big question about how to utilize paraprofessionals during remote/hybrid learning. These individuals sometimes referred to as educational assistants or aides in the classroom are essential to the special education population. But how are they being used? Are they being respected or thrown to the side? It seems every district and even every school handles this situation differently. Join us to try to help us solve some of these pervasive issues that existed even before COVID…

  • Created by: Rebecca Muller

Episode 15: "How to Design a School For the People in Front of Us"

  • Description:

    Jethro Jones has a unique view of what is needed in the world of education. His website reads: 

    Stop Putting Out Fires.

    Start Leading

    Get the tools to start designing your ideal week so you can start leading.

    Most principals don’t have the time to transform or even think about transforming their schools. This five day email course will walk you through everything you need to do to get focused on making real…

  • Created by: Rebecca Muller