Any member of is welcome to create or join a book group. A book group can be focused on a single book or it can be a place for a group to discuss a series of books.

Regular book groups are free to create and to join. We encourage book groups to have membership open to anyone who wants to join, but there may be circumstances (for instance, a class) where you choose to make your group invite-only. Book group leaders who want to charge a fee to join a book group should email

Books groups will be listed in the box below. To create your book group:

  1. Go to the groups page ( in
  2. Look for and click the "+ Create Group" link on the top right. 
  3. Choose the main options for your group (you can make changes afterward). Click "Create" to create your group.
  4. Once your group is created, look for the "Options" button (top right) which allows you to edit your main information, add or change features ("manage pages"), manage your members, and message your members.
  5. Email to let us know you have created a book group so that we can list and promote the group.
  6. You are welcome to schedule a series of online Zoom meetings for your book group members. Do so by following the instructions for submitting to present a regular conference session (here) and, in addition to the regular information, indicate how many times you want to meet, and the regular day/time schedule. We will contact you to add those meetings to the calendar schedule.
  7. Have fun!



Reading Globally, Thinking Reflectively, Acting Locally
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Mondays at 5pm US-PDT / 8pm US-EDT
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QuirkyWorld - Humorous Alternative Views of Everyday Life
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